The King Family in Rwanda

We (Caleb and Louise King) are medical missionaries in Rwanda.  We have been here since 2003, along with our four children-Sara, Hannah, Caleb Jr and Lydia.  Louise is working with the University of Colorado program, to teach Family Medicine Residents at Ruhengeri Hospital, while Caleb is working on developing hydroelectric power in this area.

3 thoughts on “The King Family in Rwanda

  1. habarurema jean de la paix

    turabakunda cyane cyane kandi twishimira uko uwo muvandimwe wacu caleb king ukuntu yita kubababaye imana izakomeze kumuba hafi

  2. Philip Lowe

    We had our Shyira Trust AGM yesterday in Formby. Allan Hobson told me you were working hard on the hydro-electric project. The lack of electricity in Shyira is obviously vital to bringing Shyira out of poverty. How can I contribute to your project financially? Philip Lowe

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