Short Notes of Praise

Here is a touching text message from one of our students we support, who passed the National Exams:

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 3.29.34 PM

Like the story of the one/ten lepers who thanked Jesus, we don’t get thanks from everyone we help, but we sure do appreciate it when they do! And, in turn, thanks to all of you who make it possible for us to help students like Obed.

Secondly, I got a phone call recently  from a patient I saw about a year ago, thinking of leaving Rwanda to get an abortion. I didn’t do much-but encouraged her to talk it out with her mother, with a hunch that her mother might support her if she kept the baby. And I prayed. Now, her baby is 5 months old, and she says that the baby is “the best thing that ever happened to her.” God is good.


7 thoughts on “Short Notes of Praise

  1. Barbara Hoshiko

    Praise the LORD! I pray for each of you daily! This morning my prayers were guided by and influenced by my reading of Ps.30.

  2. Meg Howard

    Dear Louise and Caleb,

    Thank you for giving me such beautiful reasons to rejoice! It is so encouraging to get a glimpse of even a fraction of the ways you are making a difference by God’s grace for God‘s kingdom!

    I pray you will be encouraged continually as well. Why are we so quick to forget how good God has been and God is? You help me remember by sending out this Good news!

    I send much love, thanks to the Giver of love, Meg

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Theresa

    Dearest Louise and Caleb

    I rejoice in the grace of God which has held you faithful for these almost 15 years. Is Sara now at UNC med school? We have a son and family in that area if she and Logan need anything

    Does the school still need a hi school science teacher? I am working with “intercultural Dept” at Lancaster (PA) Bible College and would love to make your needs known.

    Every blessing “Mother” Theresa

    Dr. Theresa Newell

    Sent from my IPhone


    1. thekingfamilyinRwanda

      Thanks! Let me check in about the KICS school needs. Yes, Sara and Logan are in Chapel Hill. I didn’t know your son was there, with his family.

  4. Robert Summerhayes

    Hi Louise and Caleb.

    Its Rob and Polly Summerhayes here. (we were the guys who cycled from SA to UK and stopped with you for 3 months at the tail end of 2009). I’d love to get back in touch but have lost your email addresses.

    Please would you be able to email me at

    Best wishes

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