March Madness

Well, this post is not really about basketball, but our lives have been slightly “mad” (in the crazy sense) the last few weeks, and hence the lateness of this post! I have been busy getting used to doing medical work again, which has taken some adjustment, even though it’s only part time. However,  I am happy to be practicing medicine again. I have also been asked to the Chair of Kigali International Community School, KICS, where Moses and Lydia attend (we are looking for a secondary school science teacher, by the way!). Caleb has been busy connecting with a promising development group, and is happy that he has begun construction for the site. Here are some photos, that give a glimpse into the last month or so:


This is a photo of the construction of the new hydroelectric project. Notice the hard hats, banana trees, and combination of manual labor with a few machines.


The importance of this photo does not lie in its technical quality, but in the fact that it captures Caleb going camping! He, along with the Scout master, took Moses and 6 other Boy Scouts camping in the national park, representing 7 different nationalities (a few have parents from different countries). The Boy Scouts had a special opportunity to learn about snake bites, when one of the boys got bitten by a poisonous night adder. Thankfully no venom was injected and he was fine. Caleb recalled his days in the Pediatrics Emergency Room to give care and assurance.

IMG_4976 (1)

I was happy to visit one of my former patients from Musanze, who received a much needed heart operation from the visiting Team Heart surgical team, here in Kigali. We were able to pray together and give thanks. I also gave a lecture to a team of Rwandan nurses being trained by the Team Heart organization to help follow up these cardiac patients.


Lydia enjoyed her school’s “Beyond the Gates” initiative in which KICS students visited Rwandan Christian schools. It made such a big impression that she went back to the school, “Rise to Shine School” and helped out for a day. I was able to meet with some of the girls who had been picked out for their leadership and scholarship capabilities. Here’s to Beatrice Bamurange (pictured above) who has done such a great job with this school, in a poor area.

And, the wedding planning continues, for Sara and Logan’s wedding in May. I had a nice break, when my Bible Study, held a “Mother of the Bride” party for me! We played games, ate good food and even had a “MOTB” cake!


The ladies here are all dressed in traditional Rwandan wedding garb, umushanana (sp?).

Finally, Caleb spent a few days in Goma, where he attended the yearly Heal Africa board meeting, and where this photo was taken:


The heavens declare the glory of God;
    the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalm 19:1

Have a blessed Holy Week!



2 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. Bonnie and Rufus

    Love your news letter! The pictures are beautiful! I know your excited about the up coming wedding! I hope we can visit some the next time you come to Florence.
    We love you all and are praying for you all and your ministry!

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