Happy New Year’s


Not sure where the time has gone! I am writing this from Chapel Hill, NC, on New Year’s Eve. Our family of 7 has been together for over two weeks-a rare treat, and the last few days we were joined by Sara’s fiancé. Caleb Jr has just left for the airport; he starts the slow but steady departure of our family onto divergent paths-Kenya, Rwanda, and Wheaton, with Sara being the last one to leave, after a medical school interview. This year, we give thanks for:

  • Our having spent 14 years in Rwanda
  • The time I had for teaching Rwanda medical students and residents, and now for a few months of sabbatical
  • For the progress Caleb has made in his hydropower projects
  • For good schooling for our children in Rwanda, Kenya and at Wheaton
  • For Sara’s engagement and her acceptance into a medical school
  • For a peaceful election in Rwanda in August
  • For the children we have helped in Rwanda, and for their continued growth spiritually and physically
  • For being part of the lives of so many Rwandans, even when it pulls us in many directions-being godparents, mentors, Bible study leaders, and parents
  • For all the generous donations which have enabled us to serve in Rwanda.

We read in church today from Ecclesiastes 3: 11a: He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart. We pray that in 2018 you will see that God makes everything beautiful in its time, and that you will feel the Eternity that He has set in your heart.

For those wanting to make a donation before the year’s end, you can donate online at bridge2rwanda,  and scroll down to King Family or King Education ministry or send a check to Bridge2Rwanda, PMB#322, 1818 N. Taylor St, Little Rock, Arkansas 72207.


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s

  1. Theresa Newell

    Dear Kings: Such wonderful family news. We thank God for you and all of the contributions and love you have poured out on the precious people of Rwanda. We are now being blessed in Lancaster Cty PA with an inflow of Congolese refugees who have been for long years mostly in refugee camps in Hoima Uganda. Two of the families are now in our church and our small committee has worked to secure housing, jobs, ESL classes, etc for them. Two of our women are expecting babies in the next few months and have been delighted to learn of modern methods of childbirth, inc pain meds!! One remarked, on hearing this, “I will have ten children”!! Hooray for Sarah getting into med school. Harvard?? and more about her fiancé ?? You all look wonderful! Bruce and I are teaching Bible studies, taking groups to Israel for study tours and off now to see our #3 GREAT GRANDdaughter in CA. God has been so gracious to us in our 70s and 80s! Praise HIM.

    Blessings on 2018 “Mother” Theresa


    1. thekingfamilyinRwanda

      Thanks so much for the encouragement! I can see that the world is landing on your doorstep! We hope to make to Israel ourselves one day. Sending lots of love from Rwanda.

  2. neilmwps

    Hello, I was wondering if Caleb was still involved in the power sector? I know he was looking into smaller scale developments some time ago but can’t contact him via linkedin or his old email. If Caleb is interested in getting hold of me my email is neil@baseloadafrica.com

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