Father’s Day

I am happy to post this photo of my 2 favorite fathers! IMG_3935

It would take a book to write everything about my father: He grew up in India, the son of missionaries, and made his career teaching surgery, and caring for the underserved. He raised us 4 children, not easy under any circumstances, and even harder with a sick wife (my mother), who passed away when we were teenagers. Smart, funny, kind, patient, humble, with a strong Christian faith: I think I can speak for my brothers as well when I say that we think he “hung the moon.” I am happy to report that he is recovering well from his heart surgery.

Caleb could be his only rival, for “best father.” When our oldest was just a baby, the Pastor of our large Boston church used Caleb as an example of the way that God adores us, just like Caleb clearly adored Sara! His sacrificial love for all of our children is amazing. I saw this video and I immediately thought of Caleb: Fatherless to Fatherfull. He reaches out to the fatherless in real and meaningful ways, pointing them to the real Father. IMG_3767

I can’t leave out the other very important father in our life: Caleb’s father, Kimball. His graciousness and loving support mean the world to us. I can’t count the number of times he has welcomed all 7 of us in our jet-lagged state with great hospitality, and then at the end of our trips have helped us pack up, weigh and load  suitcases when we head off back to Rwanda, usually not knowing when we will be back. We love him and miss him! We are glad that Sara can be with him for Father’s Day.

Here’s one last photo: Praying for this next generation of Fathers! Happy Father’s Day to all!

Caleb and Moses

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. King, James K

    much love from all of us here.Thanks for the morning phone call-papa,kimball,dad


  2. Alice Kubwimana

    I like this… Your family deserves only blessings from the Lord; I have never met a caring and loving family like you. I still recognize what you did for me. God bless you so much

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