To Act in Love

“To Act in Love,” is the title of a poem recently written by our friend Tami Iralu, from her blogsite:

To act in love requires

absorbing the pain.

Let the lightning strike.

Let the storm rage.

See how the tree stands tall.

The wind, surely, is felt deep

into the roots, yet the roots

withstand the storm.

Let the lightning bolt.

The nest cradles the egg

and outlasts the storm.

Being a missionary is all about acting in love. Without love, we are nothing, is basically what I Corinthians 13 says. Or as it says in Galatians 5, The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love. And there is nowhere where that is more true than the mission field, where there are abundant opportunities for misunderstanding, mistrust and miscommunication.

But, as the poem says, to act in love requires absorbing pain: the pain of sacrificing for others, helping others but receiving no gratitude in return, the pain of protecting others, forgiving others. It is only with deep roots, close to the source of the Living Water that we can absorb those pains. Thanks for all of you who give us the means to Act, and those who pray for us for the Holy Spirit to pour out God’s love to our friends, students and many others in Rwanda.

On a more news’y level: We have been praying lots for my father, Bill Rambo, who had heart surgery last Monday at Duke Hospital. It ended up being a longer surgery than anticipated, so probably the recovery will be a bit longer. It’s hard to be away at a time like this. Pray for all the family who are there taking care of him.

Some of our children are finishing up their school year. We are thankful for those who are taking care of those who are stateside. The RVA kids still have another 6 weeks. My Rwandan residents and medical students will soon be taking their final exams. Please pray for their preparation and performance!

Here are some recent photos:


We had a good visit with some visiting physicians from our hometown. We all appreciated their good teaching!




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