April Showers

April is the rainy season in Rwanda-a time of blessing, but also mourning, as the country remember’s the 1994 Genocide. In fact, it’s raining today, as it may well have been 23 years ago, when a systematic and brutal killing was enacted in Rwanda. Lydia and I have been watching “Shooting Dogs”, which takes place at a Technical School about 1 mile from where we stay in Kigali. In the compound where we are staying, former missionaries hid Tutsi boys, we heard recently.

I will post some more photos soon, to show some of our recent activities, but here are just two:

IMG_3784This is a seemingly inconsequential foot bridge, but it’s new, and it’s on one of my favorite walks that I like to take with one of my friends. Before, we used to walk down into a little gully, hoping there was not too much water. The local community built this. It’s symbolic of progress in Rwanda-sometimes small, best when originating with local, grassroots efforts. It’s my prayer that there will be a bridge of reconciliation between the 2 different people groups here. We give thanks for Jesus, who is Himself the Bridge for all of us, leading from Death to Life.

Here is another hopeful photo, of our friend Sam, being installed as Bishop. I love the symbolism: The cross in front, then the archbishop, then Sam, then his lovely wife. You are indeed blessed if you have the cross in front, and a good wife behind you!


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