New Beginnings

Like so many places, January is full of new promises and hope in Rwanda. Much of this excitement centers around the beginning of a new school year. For us, it’s a hectic time: our old students come with their national exam results, wondering where they should now go to school; new students come asking for support; and we try to sort out the nuances of where and how so many needy and deserving students should attend school. We pray over them, talk to them, consult our friends in education and then make the best decision we can.

This year, we had the added inconvenience of being primarily in Kigali, while most of our students live in Musanze. Fortunately, we had two good helpers, both of whom we had known for a long time from our days in Shyira: Benjamin and Emmanuel. Benjamin provided some needed technical expertise, organizing spread sheets, taking photos, and setting a budget. Emmanuel knows many of the students, some of them for years, and will provide the needed follow up and continuity in Musanze. The total: 73, ranging from elementary school to university; top schools in the country to basic technical schools; handicapped students, deaf students, and top athletes. We realize that “one size” doesn’t fit all, and we try to tailor the package to each student.

Thank you to the many of you who make this educational support possible, who haven’t forgotten the needy and afflicted. If you want to donate specifically to the education fund, go here, and scroll down to Kings Education Fund.You can also give general support to our work and ministry by scrolling  down to King Family ministry.

But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish. Psalm 9:18

Emmanuel and Benjamin, who are helping us to organize the students we support
Alphonse, who is entering S5, or 11th grade, and is studying to be a veterinarian
Germaine, entering 11th grade

One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. B. Hoshiko

    Thanks, Caleb and Louise! We have been praying for young people in our church, for direction, for salvation, for being able to share the Gospel at school. The pictures and stories you share show the same concerns in Rwanda. I will be sharing with our church (Grace Brethren) your message and the pictures. God give you strength in His might! (Eph 6:10) Barbara >

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