September Update

We are back in Rwanda, after a short trip to the US. Well, some of us are back in Rwanda. In fact, only 3 of us-Caleb (Sr), Moses and I are in Rwanda. Sara has safely settled in Paris, and is enjoying her studies, which include a course at the Sorbonne, and an internship with a Public Health NGO; and she has even found a church, mostly attended by French Caribbeans; Hannah is in Wheaton and seems to be thriving, after a challenging first week, on crutches, due to knee problems. Caleb Jr and Lydia are at RVA, starting 11th and 8th grade, respectively.

In the meantime, I have started working at the Rwanda Military Hospital within the context of the University of Rwanda, teaching Internal Medicine residents and medical students. In fact, I just heard last night that we might be having as many as 22 extra students, due to larger numbers of students than usual (they start tomorrow). The first week I was at this new hospital in Kigali, I unexpectedly ran into people I knew every single day-nurses who had worked with us at Shyira; a teacher at Shyira who has a daughter Lydia’s age who had been treated for cancer; a young doctor from whom we had rented a house in Musanze to house boys we support; a devoted patient from Ruhengeri Hospital who greeted me with what can only be called a bear hug, despite being a frail 75 year old lady. I really had the sense that people were praying for me. I have been enjoying teaching, and learning, a lot. I am happy that the other Rwandan doctors are capable, helpful and include some strong Christians.

Caleb has been finding more than enough to do here in Kigali, going to meetings, arranging financing for projects, attending to people here whom we support. In some ways he is finding his work easier to do here.

Moses has started at KICS, Kigali International Community School, which is a Christian international school in Kigali. We are enjoying being part of that community. Moses does;t have quite the freedom he had in home school, but overall he is enjoying KICS and is playing soccer and the trumpet.

We have been back to Musanze briefly, in time to make a wedding cake (I think the word has gotten out), host friends visiting from Germany, have a 6 am Bible study at our house (with sweet prayers for our transition to Kigali), and for Caleb to preach.

Please keep our transition, and our far flung children in your prayers.

In Him,


Here are some photos:

Hannah at Wheaton
Moses go to celebrate his birthday a couple of times in the US, at the beach and in Chapel Hill, with 2 different cakes!
Saturday morning Bible study, in Musanze
As usual, Caleb takes the cake! The wedding cake, that is (I made it this time, though)
We continue to support students with the help of friends near and far-thanks! 
It was fun to be together, all 7 of us!


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