I’m sorry I havesn’t written in a few week-it’s been a busy time. Many of you have asked if we have any news about our guard, John. Unfortunately we haven’t . He is still missing and we are still praying.

I’m on the plane as I write this taking Sara to college at Wheaton College, in Illinois. It’s the first time I’ve left the other children behind and it seems strange. We enjoyed very much the RVA graduation-it was a great celebration. It seems it was just yesterday that Sara was starting at RVA. She’s grown into a lovely young lady, and we’ll miss her a lot.

RVA Graduation
RVA Graduation

After graduation, we came back to Rwanda, did a quick turnaround and then headed off the next day to the Kumbya conference, a yearly conference for missionaries in Rwanda and the Great Lakes area. A speaker and Vacation Bible School team came from the Evangelical Friends church in the US and ministered to us all. It was great to have so many denominations together. Rwanda has always been known for unity among missionaries. We are few, and it’s great to see the camaraderie and unity in the missionary community. It was good to see old friends, and make new ones. We felt some regret at missing some old friends-those who have left the mission field for one reason or another. Caleb read lots to the children, I didn’t check email once, and Sara, Hannah and Caleb Jr and I made the swim to “Three Hump Island,” a mile and a half swim, in the cold waters of Kivu, followed by a delicious pancake breakfast. It was a good week of community, prayer, and relaxation.

Enjoying the waters of Lake Kivu
Enjoying the waters of Lake Kivu
Worshipping together in the morning at Kumbya

Soon after we returned from Kumbya, Caleb had his birthday and then a few days later left for the US for the US-Africa summit in Washington, DC. He was invited to the Business Forum, as his hydroelectric project is receiving a grant from the US government. It was a great honor to be invited and he said the meetings went well. The general tenor of the meeting was: 1. We want to help Africa 2. Helping business will help Africa 3. Businesses need power/electricity 4. We should develop clean energy, which means: HYDROPOWER! Hooray. But we remember that is God who makes things grow (I Corinthians 3:7), in all senses. Certainly He is the one who made the mountains and water that make hydropower possible.

So, Caleb came back after a one week trip, on Qatar Airlines. On the very same flight that he came in on, Sara and I boarded. We did get to talk to him briefly,exchange hugs and a cell phone, before we headed off.

So, Sara and I are off on our adventure: whizzing through NC and SC and then flying up to Wheaton. Not looking forward to leaving her in the US, but I know she’ll have lots of people looking after her. So many people remember how young (7) she was when we left for Rwanda. Her progress is a testimony to God’s faithfulness and protection . Great is Thy Faithfulness

Sara at a farewell gathering with her Rwandan friends
Sara at a farewell gathering with her Rwandan friends


2 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. Ann Peterken

    How lovely to hear from you and whilst travelling too! Super news and photos and, like you, I can’t imagine where the years go. When I first came to Shyira in 2006, Sara still had one more year at home before going to RVA. And now look at her – you must be very proud. It’s been special for me to share in some small way with your family and to have received, like countless other people, it’s generous hospitality.

    Caleb’s presence at the conference is great news and must be affirming for him after so many years of literally getting on with it. Let’s hope good things come from it.

    Enjoy your travels with Sara before term starts and please give her my congratulations for her high school achievements and every good wish as she starts her college life at Wheaton.

    I hope all goes well back in Musanze whilst you are away and with Sara when you return there. Just keep remembering Great is Thy Faithfulness.

    With love from Ann

    P.S. It’s A level results day here in the UK and we’ve had very good news from Paul’s second great nephew who got the grades he needed to study physics at Manchester University. It’s become harder to get in there because of the Brian Cox effect, with Brian giving a few of the lectures.

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