Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

We had a busy day on Sunday. We had English service at 7 30, with a special appearance by the children’s choir from the Kinyarwanda service.

The children's choir
The children’s choir

I taught at the Sunday School, and for Christmas we had a special treat-juice and cookies, which were well received. We also prayed with the children to give Jesus a present-our heart, this Christmas. I am praying that there were children who really did give Jesus their heart.

Sunday School
Sunday School

After church, we had a special outreach at the hospital where we prayed for people and gave them small booklets, explaining the gospel. The patients were very appreciative. In the pediatrics ward, we also gave out soap and eggs. It was a good time of remembering the true meaning of Christmas.  I was impressed how eager people were to have the booklets, which reminded me of the Bible verse: “Man does not live on bread alone,” Matthew 4:4

Reading about the Good News in the pediatrics ward
Reading about the Good News in the pediatrics ward


Praying for patients at the hospital
Praying for patients at the hospital

After church, we had lunch and met with about 5 people waiting outside our gate-mostly women with small children, asking for help. Caleb graciously spoke with them and we gave them each at least a small gift. We then went to the wedding of the nephew of a friend of mine, who is a nurse at Ruhengeri Hospital. (December is a favorite time in Rwanda to get married. For this wedding, there were 3 couples getting married simultaneously in the church!). The groom was an orphan and my friend raised him, so it was a special time for her family. Lydia and Hannah had special outfits, to match the other girls. I was grateful to be included in the festivities. My favorite part: the younger cousin of the bride (she looked like she was about 12) gave a speech for the bride’s family and she could hardly keep talking as she was so choked up. The bride also became teary-eyed. In Rwandan culture, when a woman gets married, she leaves her family and becomes part of her husband’s family, so it can be a bitter sweet time for her and her family.

Enjoying a wedding celebration
Enjoying a wedding celebration

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