King Family Upd…

King Family Update March, 2012


1. For recent safe travels, a reunion with our 3 children who are in missions boarding school in neighboring Kenya, and the opportunity to attend a high power/heavy duty Continuing Medical Education  conference for Christian Missionary physicians.   It was a time for keeping up with medical knowledge, but also spiritual refreshment, and fellowship with others serving the Lord all over Africa and the Middle East.  It was also great to have Indian presenters from Christian Medical College in Vellore, India, where my grandfather served over 50 years ago.  The hospital looks great! God is so faithful.   

A HUGE treat was spending our free weekend time with our 3 children who attend Rift Valley Academy, a few hours outside of Nairobi.   We really miss having Sara, Hannah and Caleb, Jr at home with us in Ruhengeri.

We also praise God that 9 year old Lydia, whom we needed to leave back in Ruhengeri, had a great…..and safe….time with her cousin Sara who is homeschooling her this year.

 2. For Caleb’s progress on the hydropower project.  As I write this, he is on the way back from Kigali where he was asked to speak at an Energy Summit.  Apparently the Minister of Infrastructure was so impressed that he asked to meet with Caleb personally after the meeting! Caleb is also enjoying working with 2 young Christian businessmen, who just “happen” to be, not just in Rwanda, but in our hometown of Ruhengeri! We also have a Kenyan who recently graduated from West Point join the hydro team.  Please pray for him as he also adjusts to a new culture.


1. For the young Rwandan boys that Caleb continues to mentor with his Bible study and on a day to day basis.  When we left Shyira Hill last April, their wellbeing was a big concern for us both.    Many of them have continued to come to our home, despite the hour trip from Shyira.   We recently celebrated with a BIG sleepover, and served brochettes , corn, beans and potatoes to 45 young boys, prefaced by an excellent evangelistic message given by our former pastor, Emmanuel.

 2. As always, for the safety and good health for our four children.   It’s especially difficult when one of the three at RVA is sick, and in the school infirmary, and we are a country apart.   We are comforted in the knowledge that our loving Father cares for them and keeps the


Here is a recent verse from the Rwandan Scripture Union Bible Guide:

On the last and greatest day of the Feast, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.”  John 7: 37-38

Blessings,  Louise (for all the Kings)

One thought on “King Family Upd…

  1. kati

    dear kings-family,
    since we have been visiting the kohls-family in shyira we are following your ways.
    it´s great to see what you are achieving – may god bless you all!
    greetings from germany,
    matthias, kati and little lina mathilda braun

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