A Story of Redemption

            Here is a story of redemption.  In this picture, the young woman, whose face is turned away, is mentally handicapped , perhaps due to fetal alcohol syndrome.  Unfortunately she became pregnant (she has since had her tubes tied).  She has an older sister, who has never married, and has no children.  She has a nun-like quality and is very sweet.  She is bringing up the child as her own, and the child seems perfectly normal and engaging.  I was moved by her acceptance of the child and that now she has a chance to have a child of her own.  Apparently I helped her out one day-can’t even remember what exactly, and I was surprised one day when they came to visit, bringing pineapples, bananas and beans for us.  God is good and even in this broken world, he does “more than all we can ask or imagine.” Ephesians 3: 20.

PS I can’t get the picture to upload. Maybe it will work later!

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