The New Fulaha


Fulaha, when we met her
Fulaha, when we met her

We have been taking care of a young woman, an orphan, named Fulaha for nearly 9 months now. She has a congenital malformation of her legs that rendered her unable to walk.

She has undergone a complicated set of procedures, involving staying several months at an orthopedic hospital and now she has some new legs! She first had an amputation of both legs.  After this procedure she waited several more months at our hospital and then we sent her again to the pediatric orthopedist in Kigali and she received two prostheses. She looks great and is really happy.  We are grateful for the people of St. Luke’s Formby who helped cover about a third of the $1500 it cost for her treatment.  If you’d like to contribute also to the costs to her treatment, to her further education, or for other children with handicaps, you can go to the DOCS website at link at side.

Specify for Kings/Shyira Hospital.

After her operation
After her operation

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