Struck by Lightning

Rainy season has started here in Shyira.  Over the next few months we’ll get some of the rainfall that contributes to our nearly 1.5 meters of rain we get here each year.  The other night, Caleb and I were sitting at our window desk; the generator had gone off but we were using our small amount of solar power to have a little light, use our computers and discuss our upcoming trip to the US.  The rain was pouring outside.  All of a sudden, I felt like someone had thrown a large stone on my head, and there was a really bright light.  I cringed down, grabbed my head, and then jumped out of my chair.  “What HAPPENED!” I asked Caleb.  “I think you’ve been struck by lightning,” he said.  He said he saw a bright light and heard a noise like a whip being cracked.  Thankfully, I was fine afterwards, just a mild headache.  I wondered if there would be any after effects: curly hair? No, unfortunately. Personality change? None noted, though I have asked Caleb to tell me if he notices anything different.  Caleb, who is the one who attracts mosquitoes, said he was glad to know that at least I was the one who attracts lightning.  I assured him it was my “electric” personality.  In all seriousness, I am thankful that God spared me any serious consequences and it was a good reminder that life is unpredictable; “each man’s life is but a breath.” Psalm 39:5.

2 thoughts on “Struck by Lightning

  1. william

    Louise! Stay away from that window right now! Or no dessert.

    So glad you weren’t hurt.

    Since there must be a fair amount of lightening up there, could you put up a lightening rod? Maybe it could power something….

    Love to all.

  2. Judy Hood

    We are happy that you were only “stunned”. Maybe not a road to Emmaus experience, but I’d put it at the top of the list. Glad you are doing well. Judy

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