King Family Newsletter, Spring 2008

King Family Newsletter, Spring into Summer 2008

Greetings from Shyira, Rwanda.  “April showers” are not a trivial thing here in the rainy season.  Our road, never good, goes from bad to worse during this time.  Here’s our ambulance, coming down the hill.  We are thankful for our God, who “will not let your foot slip—he who watches over you will not slumber. (Ps 121: 3)” Here are some updates on our family and our mission here at Shyira Hospital:

In January and February, we were keeping a close eye on the situation in Kenya, as Sara is now a boarding student at Rift Valley Academy, an hour north of Nairobi.  Thank you for your prayers; we are thankful that the situation there has calmed down.  We pray it will stay that way.

We have a new pastor: Pastor Samuel, who comes to us from Kibuye, though he is originally from this area.  He is replacing Pastor Emmanuel, who had been here ever since we came—we do miss him, though he is not far in nearby Ruhengeri.

Caleb continues to be busy with the hydroelectric project and has started a project called “PEACE Power & Light,” modeled on Saddleback Church’s PEACE plan, aimed at bringing electricity to rural areas in Rwanda, and to use the profits to help schools, churches, and hospitals.

We continue to build houses with the Houses with Hope project—here’s Odette, a widow with HIV/AIDS who will be receiving a house.

Our dairy goats continue to produce faithfully: here’s one of our “graduates”- a little girl whose mother died soon after childbirth-she’s now 1 ½ years old and doing very well.

Our HIV program continues to develop, with an emphasis on preventing mother to child transmission and also treating HIV positive children and eligible adults.

Caleb has started a Bible study, faithfully attended by about 12 boys, with occasional girls visiting.  More than half are orphans and all have had hard lives.  But they are very good at learning Bible verses, with many memorizing over a dozen verses a week.

Please pray for new initiatives at the hospital to make all services more efficient and of higher quality.  We are embarking on the government-sponsored performance-based financing scheme, in which teams of peer evaluators encourage one another at different hospitals throughout the country to have 1) better medical records, 2) improved documentation, 3) improved reception of patients, 4) more consistent care, 5) treatment following protocols or based on referenced medical evidence.  We are all in favor, but it’s hard to implement, as you can imagine.  Big financial incentives are attached to improved performance, so maybe we’ll get the whole staff motivated…

We have some new young doctors, Rogers and Edwin.  Please pray for their development both professionally and spiritually.

Please also keep praying for all our children.  Thankfully, we’ve all been well this year and accidents have been repaired with a little “dermabond”—a modern substitute for stitches.  We are making plans for a trip home in the Thanksgiving to Christmas period this year.  Please pray for those preparations.


For correspondence:

Shyira Hospital

BP 56, Ruhengeri, Musanze District


For donations:

DOCS (earmarked Kings/Shyira)

PO Box 24597

St. Simon’s Island, GA 31522

(Call Caroline 912-634-0065 with questions)

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